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Welcome to Pawnee County,


Pawnee County Courthouse
715 Broadway
Larned, KS 67550

Pawnee County organized in 1872, with Larned as its county seat. It was named for the once powerful  tribe of Pawnee Indians. Pawnee County was included in the Pawnee Indians original hunting grounds.

Pawnee County General Election

November 8, 2016

Official Results

100% Reporting

President and Vice President

Donald J. Trump and Michael R. Pence, Republican  _1904_

Hillary Rodham Clinton and Timothy Michael Kaine, Democratic  _579_

Gary Johnson and Bill Weld, Libertarian  _131_

Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka, Independent  _34_


United States Senator

Patrick Wiesner, Democratic  _432_

Robert D. Garrard, Libertarian  _137_

Jerry Moran, Republican  _2108_


U.S. Representative 1st District

Alan LaPolice, Independent  _669_

Roger Marshall, Republican  _1652_

Kerry Burt, Libertarian  _143_


U.S. Representative 4th District

Miranda Allen, Independent  _10_

Gorden J. Bakken, Libertarian  _3__

Daniel B. Giroux, Democratic  _18__

Michael Pompeo, Republican  _117_


State Senator 33rd District

Mary Jo Taylor, Republican  _1863_

Matt Bristow, Democratic  _734_

State Representative 113th District

Greg Lewis, Republican  _80__

State Representative 117th District

Leonard A. Mastroni, Republican  _2274_


District Magistrate Judge 24th District, Position 5

Julie Fletcher Cowell, Republican  _2470_


County Commissioner 2nd District

Philip R. Hammeke, Republican  _685_


County Commissioner 3rd District

Bob Rein, Jr, Republican  _675_


County Clerk

Ruth Searight, Republican  _2357_


County Treasurer

Tami Keenan, Democratic  _2411_


Register of Deeds

Dolores Wren, Democratic  _2355_


County Attorney

Douglas W. McNett, Republican  _2359_



Scott King, Republican  _2436_


For Official Township Trustee and Treasurer Results click HERE

Supreme Court Justice

                                               Yes              No

Carol A. Beier, Pos. 1           1283             1307

Dan Biles, Pos. 2                  1271            1295

Lawton R. Nuss. Pos. 3        1270            1295

Marla Luckert, Pos. 5           1261             1298

Caleb Stegall, Pos. 7            1868             715

Court of Appeals Judge

                                                        Yes            No

Steve Leben, Pos. 2                      1345          1164

G.Joseph Pierron Jr, Pos.3            1320         1157

David E. Bruns, Pos. 6                   1759         730

G. Gordon Atcheson, Pos. 8          1339         1159

Karen Arnold-Burger, Pos. 9          1359         1131

Kathryn A. Gardner, Pos. 14          1789          718

Constitutional Question

                                                                                  Yes            No

Right of public to hunt, fish and trap wildlife             2312          308




Unofficial Statewide Results






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November 8, 2016

General Election Ballots




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