The 2021 flu season is here. LISTED BELOW ARE YOUR VACCINE INFORMATION STATEMENT AND THE INFLUENEZA DOCUMENTATION CONSENT FORM. if you need information please call the Health Department at 620-285-6963. 

Community Health Needs Assessment Information 2021 Resource List

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The Pawnee County Health Department is working hard to insure all citizens of Pawnee County are informed with the latest information on the COVID Crisis. Please visit the Kansas Department of Health and Environments Resource Center (KDHE) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) for updates and important information on the COVID Crisis. The County Health Department, County Emergency Management in conjunction with the County Commissioners and other Governing Authorities, will continue to communicate information through Facebook posts @pawneecountyinfo and this website to insure that you are informed with the latest information.  

Reopening Plan for Pawnee County

First Cases of COVID-19 Announced In Pawnee County

Pawnee County now has cases of Covid 19. All future cases will not be announced. For future case counts you can access information via KDHE Covid-19 Resource Page. Continue to protect yourself with social distancing, covering coughs, staying home if sick and wearing a mask.

COV 354

 Here are recommendations to follow to help to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Public Health: Serving Pawnee County Since 1954Public Health

The Health Department is a public health agency and promotes healthy lifestyles, monitors and responds to communicable diseases and provides professional nursing care to individuals through its services available to people who live in Pawnee County. Services are strictly confidential.

Mission Statements & Values

Care Through the Generations

Healthy People Build Strong Communities

Along with prevent, promote, prepare, these two statements describe us. We oversee the health of the community and county as a whole, and in doing so we strive to be a preventive health resource for clients and a place where people can find assistance in locating other resources.


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