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Summertime Means Road Construction !

Nothing puts an end to the excitement of a road trip with friends like getting stuck in StayFocusedB gridlock traffic. Let’s just hope you or your friends have an endless playlist to get you through the orange cones and flashing sings of “ROAD CONSTRUCTION.” Will you ever get there? Will you survive the pain and devastation of waiting to arrive at your planned destination? There are ways to get over the road construction frustration this summer, but it will require a little effort on your part.

Check For Road Construction Ahead of Time

Other than listening to traffic reports on the radio, did you know there are a variety PlanAheadB of websites you can check ahead of time to see if there is any traffic or road construction going on along your route? Yep! Check the Pawnee County Facebook  Page for local Road Construction, sign up for Alerts and Notifications in Pawnee County for road and bridge closings, or KanDrive for state wide construction or even use Google Maps to map out your route and then select the option to “Show Traffic.”

Be Careful If You Find Yourself In Road Construction

The number one rule if you do find yourself in road construction is to give them plenty of room and slow down! ProtectWorkersB This will give you the needed time to process new obstacles in your path that will lead to saving someone's life. Nearly half of all work-zone associated fatalities are individuals who are struck by vehicles. Always remember the slogan "Give Them A Brake!"

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The Pawnee County Road and Bridge Department is responsible for:

  • Maintain a safe and passable highway and infrastructure system throughout Pawnee County.
  • Annual road resurfacing
  • Bridge repair and replacement
  • Culvert repair and replacement
  • Right of way maintenance
  • Snow and ice removal
  • Sign maintenance and traffic control upgrades

The Highway Department employs crews consisting of skilled laborers, drivers and mechanics. The Highway Department maintains county highways by repairing and resurfacing pavements and berms, mowing roadsides, removing debris, installing traffic signs, and constructing culverts and bridges. In winter months, they plow and salt roads to keep traffic moving safely.