Pawnee County Solid Waste

New Department Head Appointed for Landfill

We are proud to introduce Corey Meitl as the new Supervisor/Department Head at the Pawnee County Landfill. Corey will be your new contact at the landfill and will be glad to assist you or answer any questions you may have. 


Pawnee County Solid Waste Facility

The Pawnee County Solid Waste Facility is a convenient drive just minutes south of Larned. The facility handles household trash, demolition and construction waste, tree and shrub waste, metal, and grass clippings.  

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Grass Clippings and Tree Branches

The Pawnee County Landfill has a dump site for grass clippings right inside the front gate. There are a few simple rules to follow:

1) Please keep all trash out of the clippings. It is important that this is done because we recycle the material.

2) If you bag your clippings dump them on the pile and place the empty bag in the trash can.

3) Please remember that all branches and tree clippings go to the burn pile.

Remember that the Landfill hours on Saturday are 8am - 11:30am