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Role Of Pawnee Valley Community Hospital

...... a county hospital offering and responsibly delivering higher-level services in a local setting.

Pawnee Valley Community Hospital plays a vital role in the community as a Critical Access Hospital serving the medical needs of Pawnee County, Kansas and surrounding areas. Services available at Pawnee Valley Community Hospital include:

• Acute and skilled nursing 

• Cardiac and pulmonary rehab 

• Emergency care 

• High-complexity laboratory services 

• Imaging, including CT, MRI, and Digital Mammography 

• Operating room procedures 

• Pain Clinic • Physical, occupational and speech therapy 

• PICC line placement 

• Respiratory therapy 

• Sleep center 

• Specialized nursing services 

• Wound care 

At Pawnee Valley Community Hospital, we focus on delivering quality patient care. We do this through a team of trained physicians, nurses and other professionals committed to putting patients first and working collaboratively to provide the best care possible. Please Click Here to go to our website. 

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Community Health Needs Assessment

If you have questions or comments about the 2021 Community Health Needs Assessment or want to learn more please Click Here

Pawnee Valley Medical Associates

The medical staff of Pawnee Valley Medical Associates want to be an active partner with you in achieving and maintaining your good health. Our physicians and nurse practitioners will take the time to understand your concerns and answer your questions. We believe you and your family are best served by a consistent, ongoing relationship with your medical care professional. For family healthcare, trust the people you know! 


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